Web Design

Web Design

Originality immersed in rich colours, high definition images and clever animation that is exquisitely sculpted into living art.

Unlimited Design & Pages

All good things don’t come to an end.

Latest JavaScript & CSS

Websites are created using only the most advanced computer programmes and practices in the industry.

Content Management System

CMS allows you to control and manage your website content. The system is easy to use and requires no technical training.

Search Engine Submission & Optimisation

Have your website submitted to the most popular search engines, emerge on top and capture the attention of millions. All eyes are on you.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Websites operate perfectly on all web browsers.

Free Social Media Integration

Increase online exposure and promote your activities.

Expert Advice

Always there to assist you with any issues surrounding your online experience.

Outstanding Support

From maintenance to upgrades and improvements, we commit to meet every need.

Why Choose Us

The People
The uniqueness of the services we provide is defined by the variegated skillset of the team. Our expertise in IT, business, science and law allow us to interpret the intricate commercial implications of digital advancement. It is this diversity that will deliver a comprehensive solution to multifaceted issues such as the development of your online presence, productivity and customer relationships.
Complete Solutions
If you want to fly, you wouldn’t get a wing on its own, but an entire plane. With this in mind, we at Webgene Design offer complete digital solutions that cover absolutely every stage necessary for the realisation of a business objective.
Become part of the solution
Let’s return to the aeroplane analogy. If you want to set the destination of a plane, you shouldn’t be in a passenger’s seat, you should be the pilot. At Webgene Design, we provide simple and understandable online tutorials that will make you fully proficient to operate our products. And don’t worry; we’ll still be with you every step of the way.

Page Speed & Analysing

Zipping through pages on a website; sure it is a good feeling when a mouse click is followed by an instant explosion of information on the screen. The cursor slides relentlessly, digging up more stuff and the visitor sinks deeper and deeper to the point of enthralment. Well, this will not be your website unless it is fast enough…really fast. We are talking about speeds south of 3 seconds. Why so fast? Because people don’t wait; they are quick to sarcastically utter “any day now” every time they stare at a loading symbol for more than 4 seconds…1, 2, 3, 4…off they go to another website, another competitor. And you know they aren’t coming back to you, right?

Also website users who experience an average load time of between 1 and 3 seconds become paying customers twice more often than people who have encountered a loading time of 4 seconds. So, instead of losing profit in the matter of milliseconds, we can add some lightening reflexes to your web pages that would basically say to the beautiful face looking at them: “Click away my friend…it’s already here.”

  • Perform page speed tests.
  • Analysis of test data.
  • Use findings to reach best possible speeds.
  • Regular checks and updates.
  • Higher User Engagement and Satisfaction.
  • Higher Visitor Retention.
  • Higher Conversion Rates.
  • Increased Profits.